Changing Habits that Hold you Back

Here is some interesting research. Want to change a habit? How do you do that? 45% of our behaviours that we think we are choosing are actually habits. How many are helpful habits and how many are habits that are we want to get rid of but don’t know how? Want to start running but don’t start? Need to eat healthier food but grab what’s quick?

The keys to unlocking habits lie in understanding the habit trio: the cue, routine and reward. Changing habits doesn’t come from willpower because willpower takes too much energy and we get depleted trying to will our way to success.

Apparently it is very hard to change a habit. Once a habit is encoded it’s there, but you can create new habits that are stronger than the old ones and that give you a similar reward. Better yet, create a new habit alongside a group of people. Getting a coach to help you stay motivated and stay on track. Creating keystone habits unlocks many great habits and creates a ripple effect e.g. people who run also then tend to eat better and spend less on their credit cards!

Having a coach support you helps you keep your eye on the ball. Many people tell me that just knowing they have a coaching session keeps them thinking about what they are doing towards their goals because they know I will ask about that!

Charles Duhigg’s book on the Power of Habits is simple and powerful.

or just watch the video. I thought it was slow paced, however full of great information.