Catherine will help you design an individual and/or team success plan. She partners with her associates on larger projects.

Catherine CarrDr. Catherine Carr,  PCC, RCC

Principal Coach and Consultant

Catherine is a Leadership and Team Coach and an Author. She has been a principal partner in Carr, Kline & Associates for 6 years. She specializes in leadership coaching, individual and team 360’s, group and team coaching, coach training and supervision, and facilitation. She has additional expertise in psychotherapy.

Catherine is the Resilience at Work Canadian Consortium Lead, Institute for Workplace Dynamics, Canadian Partner, Assistant Faculty for the International Systemic Team Coaching Training Program, one of the first 2018 Certified Designing Your Life Coaches, and a Master Corporate Coach with the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches.

Catherine has worked with leaders at all levels to set unique and rewarding development and career goals. She is known for her ability to successfully connect, motivate and support individuals and teams. In 2011 she helped design and launch a government team coaching service.

Catherine Carr completed a doctorate in 2012 in Leadership and Professional Coaching with Middlesex University, UK., winning the Goulding award for most outstanding professional doctorate of 2012. Through her research, She has co-developed a new High Performance Team Coaching System for leaders and coaches that is grounded in what we know actually creates effective teams. She is passionate about sharing her expertise on team effectiveness with leaders and organizations and also with coaches in her supervision practice.


Peters, J., and Carr, C. (2013) 50 tips for terrific teams: proven strategies for building high performance teams. Calgary, Alberta, Canada: InnerActive Leadership Associates Inc.

Peters, J., and Carr C. (2013) High performance team coaching: a comprehensive system for leaders and coaches. Calgary, Alberta, Canada: InnerActive Leadership Associates Inc.

Selected Articles:

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Hersh Kline

Hersh Kline, B.Sc., M.A., RCC

Principal Coach and Consultant

Hersh is a trained dialectical behavioural coach, counsellor and trainer with over 20 years experience. He offers individual coaching and/or counselling to increase personal awareness, emotional balance, and interpersonal effectiveness.

He is known for actively helping professionals deal more effectively with stress, reactivity, move past unproductive habits, and learn interpersonal skills for everyday and challenging situations.


Jacqueline Peters

Dr. Jacqueline Peters, PCC, CHRP

Coach, Consultant and Facilitator

Jacqueline specializes in all aspects of leadership development; from creating an overall, integrated strategy for succession management, performance management and leadership development to the implementation of customized development plans and coaching for high performing leaders and their teams.

Through partnership and collaboration, Jacqueline helps uncover and harness strengths, while mitigating weaknesses. She supports leaders to define and measure success while implementing their own personal leadership brand.


Photo of Mary Crowley

Mary Crowley, PCC, BA

Coach, Facilitator, and Coaching Skills Trainer


Mary has extensive experience as a leadership, team and career coach and facilitator. She is known for her compassion, deep listening skills and positive belief in people to find their own path. Mary has worked with leaders at all levels and employs a collaborative and integrated approach to customize services and workshops.

Her areas of specialization include leadership and personal development, career coaching, communication, team development, emotional/social intelligence and work life harmony. She is passionate in supporting others to create new ways of thinking and living – with increased awareness, compassion, connection, joy and wisdom.


Lily Seto, MA, PCC

Certified Mentor Coach, Diploma in Coaching Supervision

Lily has extensive experience both as an internal coach as well as an external coach. Her coaching clients range from executives (VPs and partners) to middle and front line managers, in public, private and the non-profit sectors. Her organizational experience spans from front line through Director level jobs.

Lily is also an approved certified Fierce Conversations trainer for Fierce, Inc of Seattle. Lily is the 2016 Recipient of the Prestigious Leadership Victoria Award: Royal Roads Award for Excellence in Coaching and Mentoring.