Resilience Coaching and Workshops

Resilience Coaching:

1-1 Coaching includes the R@W Individual, Leader, or Leader 180 Assessment.

Team Coaching includes the R@W Team Assessment for Performance and Wellbeing.

Resilience Workshops:

We offer a range of workshops from one-hour lunchtime sessions to two day workshops that can be scheduled over four-half days.  The focus is variable and can cover:

  • Build Your Resilience
  • Resilient Leaders, and
  • Team Resilience for Performance and Wellbeing

Experience with a wide range of occupations

We have facilitated workshops for a wide range of occupational groups including executives, farmers, emergency services, volunteers, doctors, nurses, radiographers, child protection workers, business managers, accountants, academics, human resource personnel, trainers, psychologists, administrative support staff, school principals, teachers, IT professionals, community service staff, park rangers, social workers, geologists, scientists, counsellors, rehabilitation providers, occupational health and safety practitioners, mental health workers, corrections staff, disability workers, employment placement officers and carers….to name a few.

All our Workshops are:

  • Practical – with strategies that can be integrated into everyday work
  • Custom designed to ensure alignment with the organisational context – in particular the unique demands and challenges of the roles of participants
  • Interactive with activities and materials that have been successfully applied within workplaces
  • Based on materials that have a strong evidence-based
  • Scheduled in modules that suit availability
  • Focused on participant development of a specific plan for resilience building, which in the case of manager workshops includes a team development plan
  • Conducted by skilled facilitators accredited in our model and resources.

Completion of the R@W Toolkit measures as part of the workshop is optional but encouraged, as having a baseline measure to work from is highly motivating.

When a work team attends sessions together, there is the added benefit of developing strategies for the group as well as for individuals.

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[White Paper] – Resilience at Work A Framework for Coaching and Interventions (PDF)