New Books for Team Leaders and Coaches

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My partner, Jacqueline Peters, and I have two new books coming out this month!

  •  50 Tips for Terrific Teams: Proven Strategies for Building High Performance Teams
  •  High Performance Team Coaching: A Comprehensive System for Leaders and Coaches


Stay tuned for blogs on the different tips and the High Performance Team Coaching System.

50 Tips for Terrific Teams: Proven Strategies for Building High Performance Teams (excerpt)

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Tip #1: Learn what makes a team effective.

 (Hint: Reading this book is a great start!)


Currently, many team interventions rely on incomplete approaches to supporting a team, and they use methods that ‘feel good but may not do good’. In fact, some research indicates that despite being fun, most team-building events offer a minimal Return on Investment (ROI) (Wageman et al., 2008). Many team interventions are based on face validity, not solid knowledge about what actually creates team effectiveness and long-term changes in performance. It is important for team leaders, coaches, and facilitators to educate themselves on team effectiveness, group process, and team coaching research so that their approaches can be as effective and productive as possible.



The High Performance Team Coaching System (Carr and Peters, 2013) provides an overview of what leaders and coaches can do to support their teams to be highly effective at the most important times in any team’s natural cycle, namely new beginnings, mid-points and endings.



Talents and Strengths

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Talents and Strengths

Find your unique talents and strengths – and use them more every day!

I love this type of work because it is so inspiring and energizing for people. It was for me. (more…)

Changing Habits that Hold you Back

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Here is some interesting research. Want to change a habit? How do you do that? 45% of our behaviours that we think we are choosing are actually habits. How many are helpful habits and how many are habits that are we want to get rid of but don’t know how? Want to start running but don’t start? Need to eat healthier food but grab what’s quick?

The keys to unlocking habits lie in understanding the habit trio: the cue, routine and reward. Changing habits doesn’t come from willpower because willpower takes too much energy and we get depleted trying to will our way to success.

Apparently it is very hard to change a habit. Once a habit is encoded it’s there, but you can create new habits that are stronger than the old ones and that give you a similar reward. Better yet, create a new habit alongside a group of people. Getting a coach to help you stay motivated and stay on track. Creating keystone habits unlocks many great habits and creates a ripple effect e.g. people who run also then tend to eat better and spend less on their credit cards!

Having a coach support you helps you keep your eye on the ball. Many people tell me that just knowing they have a coaching session keeps them thinking about what they are doing towards their goals because they know I will ask about that!

Charles Duhigg’s book on the Power of Habits is simple and powerful.

or just watch the video. I thought it was slow paced, however full of great information.

Competent Coaching

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Competent Coaching

Catherine is trained in evidence-based coaching. This, combined with her years of experience ensures that every session counts and creates change. Without drawing on what we know works in coaching, it might seem fine but not move a client forward.

Some of the evidence based coaching fields that Catherine is trained in are:


Team Coaching: High Performance Team Coaching System including assessment, consultation, facilitation, and live coaching

Leadership and Professional Coaching: Leadership presence, agility, high performance, managing change, shadow coaching

Business Coaching: Business acumen, branding, business plans, charters, mergers, and performance management

Solution Focused and Values Coaching: What you do well, is energizing, and is right for you

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching: Change thought patterns and behavioural patterns that keep you where you are

Mindfulness-Based Coaching: Learn simple techniques to increase your ability, presence and your productivity

Dialectical Behavioural Coaching: Clarify what is most important to change and what isn’t, create stretch goals and achieve them

Life Change and Career Coaching- Transitions, career decisions and alignment, finding more joy, connection, and success

Interpersonal and Relationship Coaching: Personal life meaning and success, couples coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching: Steps to wellness and increasing health, work-life balance, mindfulness, values based coaching

Mentor Coaching and Supervision: For aspiring individual and team coaches, and counsellors integrating coaching into their practices


Take your current success to the next level or move choices and habit patterns and that are not serving you  to create lasting change.

You will leave your first session with action steps!





An Inspiring Process

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An Inspiring Process

Individual coaching is a positive and energizing process that helps clarify your immediate and “stretch” goals, discover your unique strengths and resources, and motivate you to commit to action each and every session. You will leave with a plan and know that you are supported to carry it out.


New Book Releases!

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New Book Releases!

Two New books out for Team Leaders and Coaches: 50 tips for Terrific Teams and High Performance Team Coaching!

Team Work

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Team Work

Join the 20 % of teams who excel at performance vs. the 80% who don’t.

Experience a research based, dynamic, team coaching process that gets results.