Talents and Strengths

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Talents and Strengths

Find your unique talents and strengths – and use them more every day!

I love this type of work because it is so inspiring and energizing for people. It was for me. The reason I went into coaching is because I did Marcus Buckingham’s Strength Finder book years ago. The book’s assessment results highlighted some strengths I was using and some I wasn’t using enough. I instantly realized the shift I needed to make and signed up for an Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching. I then did a doctorate in coaching. Once you ‘get’ what you need to do the rest can easily follows.

As a coach today I use a variety of  techniques and tools to help you uncover your unique talents and strengths. These includes:

  • I listen for, and give you feedback on your personal qualities and strengths that may be  your ‘signature presence’
  • I might ask you to contact friends, family and colleagues about what they think are your noteworthy attributes
  • I suggest easily accessed assessments that are fun, confirming and sometimes enlightening
  • Sometimes we use other assessments like DISC, the Strong Interest Inventory (SII) or a 360 assessment.
  • We do experiential coaching work to increase your confidence and readiness to be your best self
  • You practice using your talents and strengths and report back what worked well and what you learned
  • We can turn your strengths into a personal/professional brand and action plan to move forward with your career
  • I support you to move forward and make your own shift happen!