High Performance Team Coaching System

High Performance Team Coaching (HPTC) is a comprehensive system for leaders, coaches, and Human Resources (HR) professionals to use when coaching teams.HPTC works with all kinds of teams, including leadership, executive, project, functional, technical, and business teams.
  • Evidence base for the High Performance Team Coaching System
  • Characteristics and measures of a high performing team
  • Five different team interventions
  • The team coaching approach that underlies the HPTC system
  • Three stages that occur naturally in a team, and how to maximize performance in each stage
  • The six phases of team coaching
  • The HPTC system graphic design for ready use
  • A bonus chapter, from 50 Tips for Terrific Teams (Carr and Peters, 2013)
  • A detailed reference list

High Performance Team Coaching Model

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